infographics blog post backlinks

Hello, I was planning this for my own site and thought why not sell this as a service to those who want to publish quality content, get some backlink from good sources, get organic traffic and build authority.
So, here is what I planned:

build authority inforgraphic blog post

1. I will create an infographic with your niche content, collect the info from various established sources within your niche. The design of the infographic will differ as per slot & material
You can check a sample I recently created

Easy to rank keyword research, SEO audit, on-page settings

2. This is optional, will do this only if you want. Will create an animated spokesperson video. you have to the script or at least some ideas, will use machine voice unless you want a native writer and voiceover artist to work for you(this will cost you few extra bucks)

3. Will put some text on the upper and lower part of the infographic. You can publish it in your own blog or some authority blogs. That can be on Medium, LinkedIn or any paid blog if you want.

4. I will build 20 authority site do follow backlinks pointing to your blog post. Places like medium, BuzzFeed, Minds, imfaceplate will be included. I will provide all the contents of those 20 sites posting.

5. Will build 280+ social-bookmarking links pointing to those 20 sites. (this is optional, you can skip)

So, the whole the process will cost you only $80.(unless you spend some more on video script writing, professional voiceover, paid blog posting, etc.)
will try to deliver within 2-3 days
you need to provide your niche, keywords, URL
you can send me resources you want to use in the infographic

My skype: ampleom