OnPage seo

Simple & Easy OnPage SEO steps that will work in 2019

Today we are going to prove that you are probably over complicating your onpage SEO. How you can simplified it in 2019.

I have no idea why but for some reason there’s this myth in the SEO community that you need to do like 50 different things and your on-page SEO to rank a site. Many people say like you need your schema and your optimize images and you need 10,000 words and you need 50 pages the ad that more content blah blah blah.

There’s so many myths going around what I want to break it down today. Just four things you need for on-page SEO and then I want to do what all those myth creators don’t do. I’m gonna break down the four things you need.

OnPage seo 2019

OnPage seo 2019

I’m going to show you a site that breaks all their rules that they say you need. That’s still ranking number one why because it follows the four rules of on-page SEO.

Let’s get right into these four magic rules for on-page SEO. They’re so simple that people probably aren’t gonna believe me. I’m going to show you a super ugly site that’s ranked and it just follows these four things. It doesn’t even follow them that well just it follows the main ones.

Let’s get into it number one is have your keyword in domain or URL. I can actually just say domain URL that’s rule number one get your keyword in your domain or your URL.

Now this is a totally a different topic but Exact Match Domains(EMD) still work very well.  Some people think they don’t but they have their place. You have to know when to use them.


It’s the most important ranking  factor for on-page SEO if you can’t get it in the domain get it in the inner URL. I’ll show you more examples of this once I show you the the live site the proof site. I’ll kind of break this down even further but that’s rule number one get the keyword in the domain or in the inner URL.

Number two is get your keywords in your title. I don’t know why people don’t put their keywords in  title but that’s the most important on-page rule.

Number three keywords in each tags alright and lastly put your keywords in your content. Now, this is where a lot of people mess up. They try to like find some magic formula for how what their keyword density should be for their content.

When it comes to putting keywords in your content you want to under do it. Just have it in there a couple times and it depends on how long your content is. You know if you of a thousand words put it in a few time. If you only have 100 words just put in once that’s it. If you only have 500 words put in once or twice. Under do it because content is the smallest on-page factor out of these four things.

This one is by far number one what least domain is and then URL if you haven’t an inter URL title those are pretty close. These three right here are take the majority of the on-page of these four rules. This takes up a little more than content but it’s nowhere near as big s these top two. As long as you get the top two right you should be fine.

So many people mess this up because they don’t realize how unimportant content is. They try to put like some magic keyword density in there when the fiest two points are way more important than this.

Just make sure you get your keywords in there you’re targeting at least once. You’ll be fine even if you have 2,000 words. Only have your keyword in there once that’s fine as long as you mix it in your H tags. If you just have it once in your content you’ll be fine.  You’ll rank as long as you get your linking right as well.

A site which breaks all On-page optimization rules but still ranks!!

onpage seo settings

Let’s go take a look at this example, this is a site that ranked with “Tennessee SEO”. It is the the top three spots. When we go to the site you will see that it breaks most of the on-page rules. Take a look at it and also notice the title still says 2016! I’m sure doesn’t help the click-through rate.

What do you notice when you go here this site is freaking ugly.  It is very ugly there’s only a few pages on it. This content if you read it it is not good. There is no schema, there’s no mep, no name address, phone number,  no contact information at all. So you know what people do they come to this site and they leave. The bounce rate should be extremely high because there’s nothing to do and the contents are horrible. Once people starts reading this content they’re like alright I’m out of here.  The site sucks, breaking every on-page rule. The webmaster even didn’t optimize the images.

So, as you can see from this site this been ranking number one for years now yet it breaks every on-page SEO for all of us out there.

So, how the site ranked in the top spots?

what do you notice about this site it has keywords in the two most important places. It has keyword in the domain which is number one by four and then it has it in the title, ok.

Then take a look at the H tags

seo h1 tags best practices

You don’t have to get perfect H tags, it’s more about the domain and title or inner URL and title as well.

Lastly the density of the keyword “Tennessee SEO” it looks like four times there.

So, as you can see how this site rank top spots for 2 years now with those four rules and the H tags and content didn’t even do that.

You want to make sure you get the first two right first and foremost and then the follow up. If you can get your keywords in your domain you have to know how to do competition and analyzing or how to gauge competition. You don’t just want to go out and get an EMD for everything because it’s not possible.

There are certain niches where they want Authority sites ranking. Although an EMD will help you the juice is not going to be worth the squeeze for you. If you go out getting indy try to rank for best hair products, that is going to be littered with super-high domain authority sites.  In order for the rank for that you need thousands of domains. It’s not worth having an exact match demand for a term like that.

Tennessee SEO is much different because it’s not littered by super high authority sites. So, this is the type of niche where you can use an exact match domain. Always make sure you gauge competition and know if it’s a type of niche that you can use an EMD for.

EMD’s always work they always give you the biggest on-page edge. Sometimes there’s some niches where you need to back it up with a lot of authority with your linking. It isn’t worth it for an EMD and it would be more worth it to create an authority site.

So, that’s when it comes down to for domain URL. Lot of times

When you’re working with clients and having keywords in domain even it’s not an EMD is huge for local because a lot of times local isn’t littered with high domain Authority sites. If you can’t get it in the domain you just have like this


If you’re already in the process of starting a site you just want to add a new keyword put it in the inner URL just like above.

Alright, next to the title. Sometimes I’ll repeat  domain keyword in the title then sometimes I’ll use an LSI version. If I have Tennessee-SEO.com. sometimes I will do “Tennessee SEO” again in the title and sometimes for affiliate type sites I’ll put LSI in the title like “SEO in Tennessee”.

if I try something like“Tennessee search engine optimization company” or “the number one SEO company in Tennessee” and then it’s gonna help you rank for anything with company. That’s gonna help me rank better for even LSI.

So, always make the most your titles and get as many keywords in there as you can. Don’t worry a ton about if you create LSI in here or not because you can always do that in the next thing which is your H tags.

Now let’s go to our h1 tag in this

h1 h2 h3 tags seo

specific example “Nashville SEO” is in the H tag.  Since it has “Tennessee SEO” in URL and in title I’m not gonna repeat it on H Tag. At the most I’m gonna do “SEO in Tennessee” but I’ll usually even do something like “Tennessee search engine optimization”.

So, my next thing here would either be “SEO in Tennessee” or, something like “search engine optimization in Tennessee”. My point is I’m using LSI which is basically like synonyms. LSI a different way to say your main keyword. Then in my other H tags which usually h2 or h3 tags I’ll do a mix of keywords. I do this a lot where taking the main niche of the keyword, targeting and put it in an H tag. Still mentioning the main niche without other keyword in there. Don’t overdo either of them especially your content.

So,  that’s the rules for the H tags. When it comes to content just make sure you have your keyword at least one time but do not overdo it. Putting your keyword in there like 15 times gonna hurt you because you already have it in the URL & title.

Hopefully  this helps you simplify your own page SEO. I promise you and hopefully you can see for yourself it doesn’t need to be that complicated

get traffic without social media

5 ways to get traffic without SEO or Social Media Marketing

Here, we will talk about getting traffic without SEO or Social Media

How  the same number of clicks from search engines,   social media, same number of people on your website, how you could double your page views,  conversions to an email list, clicks to affiliate links and purchases of info products by making your website more of a trap and keeping people on your website for longer.

I want to share with you five different ways that Google Analytics measures the stickiness of your website.  Why some of them are really important to pay attention to and others really are not.

The first two are the bounce rate and the exit rate on your website. Most people focus on bounce rate and I would actually shift your focus a little bit more toward the exit rate. The bounce rate is simply the percentage of one page sessions on your website. Most people consider a bounce to be a bad thing but Google doesn’t necessarily.

is bounce rate bad

is bounce rate bad

If somebody Google “what’s the weather in Lincoln City Oregon” and come to your page, see exactly what they wanted and leave. Well, you fulfilled their need it was not a failure you did exactly what you wanted.

So, a higher bounce rate isn’t really a bad thing. In fact these are the bounce rates for several of our websites and you’ll see it’s common to see a bounce rate in 80% kind of numbers.

If your page views is under  30,000 per month or  you have pretty low traffic you’re gonna see some wild numbers because of bot traffic or maybe your buddies are on there. You impacted a lot if Google Analytics is not set to ignore you on your website. Where you’ll spend two hours working on there just so you’re gonna see some wild numbers with low traffic. Once your website reaches some kind of volume it’s not weird at all to see that for a blog.

Read More about bounce rate here

Next is the exit rate

Exit rate is different because it doesn’t matter how many pages somebody viewed. It’s from that page which percent of them like this was the last page they saw. This is the end page on your website.

get traffic without seo

get traffic without seo

So, to me the exit rate is more important than the bounce rate. The best way to improve it coincidentally is to then sort your pages by exit rate and then work on those pages that have a problem or have a higher exit rate.

The next one is “pages per session” and it’s really pretty self-explanatory again once you reach significant volume anything 1.2 and better you’re doing fine. If you get to 2 pages per session you’re doing a pretty darn good job.  But this number is really easily gameable.

For example,

If you click one of those spammy articles like “21 most beautiful cities in America”. 

Click to a new page for every single one of the best cities in America. It shows a huge pages per session but they had a cruddy experience while they were there.

So, this is an easily gamed number.  As long as you’re not gaming it too much it can be a valuable metric to just know how well you’re convincing people to click to more than one page.google analytics measurements

The last two are time dependent “session duration” and “time on page”. We’re going to completely ignore session duration because the way that Google Analytics tracks this really stinks.

If you come to the website you may stay there for 15 minutes on the page. Then if you leave and you never click to another page. Google says that was 0 seconds that you were on the website! Because you never loaded the Google tracking code again. so it doesn’t know how long you were on that page. The time on page just tracks it differently by it only takes the people that did go to other pages. So, it may be a little artificially long but it gives you a much better view of how long people are spending on each page.

The session duration is counting so many zeros that were actually there a lot longer that it looks artificially low.

I’ve tried a lot a million things over the years to improve my numbers – the stickiness of my website. I have done so many things with trying to put a row of read more posts. At right after the post to try to get them to click there. All kinds of different things with the menu to try to interest people to stay longer.

These the three things made huge differences in those numbers

First,  is probably the most important. That is when I learned to sell every link sell every link when somebody’s reading your article. They want to stay there, they’re happy where they are. They don’t necessarily want to click a link to another page. Just want to finish where they are and so they’re kind of incentivized to stay.

If you want them to click an affiliate link or sign up for your email list you gotta sell it.  I found just a huge change in the numbers when I learned to sell my links. Something like when you’re writing a dirt bike it’s important to wear a safe dirt bike helmet.

Then, I would just go on with the blog post and like no one would click my affiliate link to Amazon or to my recommended gear page. Then I learned that I have to really convince the person to click on that page.

So, I may say something like “when I go dirt biking, I always wear a very safe helmet. to me it’s worth the investment. I learned that the dot specification on most helmets is not nearly as safe as the Snell certification. The problem is the Snell helmets cost a lot, but I found some inexpensive one on Amazon.”

It takes a little bit more time but it was more interesting content right there. At the end of it I’m really interested in clicking that link for two reasons. One, I sold it and two, I told them exactly what’s gonna happen when they click that link.

Now, that’s true for affiliate links. It’s also true for just an internal link in your website. If you are just writing about something just mention the keyword. Link it to another page, people are very unlikely to click it but if you say something like you’re interested in this topic you really should go back and read this:

know photography 101 post

I spent 45 hours over the course of a month working on this 10 page series of giving you the perfect introduction to photography. Well, people are pretty likely to click that.

Method number two, for making your website more sticky I’ve spent a lot of time thinking what are the best ways that I can contact somebody after they’ve already been on my website.

Email is one great option, a podcast could be another one. If you have a podcast for your website you can get them to subscribe. They may listen your podcast for 8-10 years!

Another one is a YouTube channel right now. YouTube is an incredible opportunity and I do feel comfortable sending traffic from my website to YouTube. If I can get them to subscribe that may change down the line and we want to watch that but right now it’s a great place to send people.

Another one, that’s a lot less talked about is browser notifications. Unimproved photography about 8% of the total traffic is coming from browser notifications. So, go to improve photography.com in the top left it’ll say allow this website to send you notifications. People usually click yes without thinking about it.

Every time we make a blog post it shows browser notification in your browser. We’re getting a ton of use from that I don’t know how long this gonna last. I feel like this is something chrome is going to shut down pretty soon. They’re gonna rise this was a huge mistake but it’s working really well right now.

trap website traffic

So, if you have significant traffic on a website, browser notifications are a great way to be able to contact them.

the third way, that I’ve found to really increase the stickiness of the website. All those five numbers that we talked about in the introduction. That’s binge content. In our recipe for making the website we work on some smaller posts, medium and then larger posts. In those larger posts we want to create some content that’s just totally binge worthy.

Like if a guy who has like a million hobbies if I tell him ”dude crabbing is the coolest thing ever this is so much fun”. Well, what did I do when I learned that you can go crabbing here. I immediately googled it and I started reading websites and I found a couple transnational things

where two crab on the Oregon coast

how to catch a crab

where do you buy a crab

net all these different things that I googled but if one of those websites would have not just answered my question in that post said. So if you’re new to crabbing you’ve got to read my how to catch a crab for newbies post.

I put in all my best tips that I’ve learned in five years of crabbing on the Oregon coast. Everything’s in that one post. Well, I’d be so likely to click that but it didn’t happen as I read all those blog posts they just had my information and I left.  Then I’d go Google something else and find one page and I’d leave. That is because the websites failed to give me binge content.

Something where I could just really sink my teeth in. Maybe a 10 post series on all the different ways to get into sturgeon fishing. Maybe a 10 post series on how to restore a hot rod. Whatever it is you’re in to create some binge content. Then go back to lots of your old pages that have good traffic and sell a great link to your binge content.

By the end of binge content when they’ve read five or six posts in a series and you’ve included pictures of some personal anecdotes. They kind of feel like they get to know you a little bit. Then there is extremely high chance that you’re gonna be able to sell them in an info product or get them on your email list.

For an example of some binge content, just search “photography basics” and look for the article from improve photography. I spend a lot of time optimizing that photography basics series and it’s brought in millions of page views to that website over time.

So, that is how I make my websites more sticky. Look at those five numbers on your website once you have significant traffic. Think of ways that you can trap people in and get more clicks on your website.

niche keyword research

Profitable niche keywords without any paid keyword tools

We wanted to show you how to find profitable niche keywords for your website

First thing is stop buying keyword tools. We’ve tried a bunch of them and we actually think that it does more harm for your business generally than good. As we’ve consulted with people building their niche sites we want to show you some

examples of why…

Number one thing that I noticed that comes in all the time is everybody wants to have confidence that they have a good idea. So, they’re spending all this money on a keyword tool and after doing lots and lots of research there no more confident than they were before and then they still come to us for reassurance and it leads them to bad results.

niche keyword research

niche keyword research

We’ve seen absolutely bad decisions where people like based a whole website on a keyword that was a bad idea! the numbers look great in this keyword tool so an example we saw from a client,

he searched for the keyword “best smart shoes”  and he said

I was really excited about this site but I’m not going to do it now because I looked it up in the keyword tool and it only gets a thousand searches a month.

No, not true on the entire internet on the whole planet that only a thousand people a month search “best smart shoes” not a chance that keyword is going to get tons of traffic. If you were to rank for that there’s no way that’s correct. All the time I’ve done this I’ll look it up in the tool and then we have a network of sites and so we can actually test it.

Here is the problem when somebody is looking up in a keyword tool. I’m sure there are some good keyword tools out there. I’m not saying there aren’t I’m just saying from our personal experience, our experience building a network of sites. Working with others is it going to waste your money and lead you to terrible business decisions.

So, we want to show you a better way to do this. The reason that the market is out there is that they want you to pay money to fix your problem and you need to do a little work.  It’s really not that hard to do. Speaking of bad business decisions the number one bad business decision that people make is spending money on something that doesn’t have a return on investment.

How much money does a keyword tool cost?

We see prices between $25-$99+ bucks a month!  that’s a lot of money unless the keyword tool is going to earn you more than 99 dollars a month which if it does what people think it does the value there you are totally there. But just from what we’ve seen is that it just doesn’t add anywhere near that much value and the reason they’re being recommended so often is because they have high affiliate commissions.

keyword tools

keyword tools

Alright, so let’s talk about two ways to do it, two that we’ve found. We’re not saying these are the only ways to do it there are tons of different ways to do keyword research. This is just what’s work best for us. First, if you’re looking for a keyword to base a whole website around like you’re just getting started. Then I would definitely go just don’t even worry about going to the website.

Just go to google and type in niche site ideas and you’re looking for. Like I had an idea back in 2014 to start using the keyword “baseball exercises” a website it just teaches you how to get fit playing baseball. I wrote 30 articles using these keyword techniques that we’re going to show you and it actually worked.

 This is a killer keyword if you’re into health and fitness niche. There is a great keyword “best baseball exercises to throw harder” or like “best exercises to throw a baseball harder” all of them could be very good ideas.

The other idea this is the one that we use more than anything else, let’s say we’re making a new website with topic “best baseball exercises we’re going to make a website called baseballbatz.com and you know baseball bat varieties and all that kind of stuff, how to do some exercises and as part of that we’re going to be recommending bats, exercises.  If I just write an article called best baseball exercises this isn’t going to work I’m not going to rank. It’s a brand new website Google is not going to trust.

Here are some Google suggested long tail keywords

baseball exercises for youth 110/mo – $1.53 – 0.08

baseball workouts for hitters 90/mo – $0.88 – 0.29

offseason baseball workouts 590/mo – $1.18 – 0.05

baseball workouts for pitchers 260/mo – $1.11 – 0.29

leg workouts for baseball players

I’m typing in Google beard trimmer and then I make space and the letter A and let’s see

yeah, that’s a total winner to me. There are not going to be a ton of articles of people that are writing reviews of aprons for beard trimmers, right. This probably isn’t going to earn you a ton of money but it’s something that can get you ranked. I think when you start a new niche site you should get a check from Amazon your third month.

This is a tiny little keyword so we’re using the Google search suggestion. We’re typing in part of the keyword and then space the letter a and we just see what it those little search suggestions.

Then we go to beard trimmer space B see

niche keyword search

profitable niche keyword

and we just go through the alphabet and we find tons of things I like that beard trimmer carry on which beard trimmers are safe to take on an airplane that you can actually get through security with. And look at these the articles found with those keywords like they’re worse than Quora yahoo answers!  If you had a good article like fifteenbeard trimmers that you can take on an airplane.


You can totally rank for that and so what we’re literally doing this on the fly it’s really easy to find keywords when you’re just using the Google search suggestions.

So, how do we know if this is a real competitive keyword or not? What are some things that we saw in this listing that we said that’s a winner?

Our first result here for “beard trimmer carry-on” is the TSA okay they are an authority on here. They’re going to rank number one but number two three and four are all Quora or Yahoo answer type sites. I mean there’s no authority. it’s a forum type situation, I mean for you to show up there you’re going to have a lot more keyword density in your article than Yahoo does here. You’re going to get more authority on your site than Yahoo Answers does. Several down below these are sites that are not again they’re not focused on the shaving niche on the trimmer niche or anything like that.

keyword research manually

Another thing that I consider as well as the length of the article. If you’re seeing like thousand-word articles ranked that’s a big opportunity. I’m going to go right under meaty 2500 words article and they stand a very good chance of ranking. Also, things like the number one result is TSA that’s going to be hard to beat it’s a .gov website it’s obviously very authoritative. But the specific page on the TSA that we link to here is just my TSA home airport homeland security, this is not about beard trimmers. So we have a very good chance.

I promise you if we could rank number one for this in very short order and this is probably a pretty darn good keyword. A beard trimmer is expensive the cheap one is probably around 40 bucks an expensive one could be $200. So this fits in the price point that we try to try to hit with our niche sites and doesn’t look too hard to do.

So that’s why we don’t use keyword research tools. That’s an affair we don’t know exactly how many people are searching “beard trimmer carry on”. What neither do any of the keyword tools that they act like they do but they don’t we have seen it over and over again they are wrong.

Why would Google put these search suggestions when I type beard trimmer space see

profitable niche keyword

Why would Google give us a random search that nobody ever type. It’s going to save you the time of finishing out the rest of it.

So,  this has been such a helpful way for me to find keywords that actually work. There have been very few times that it didn’t work for us like where we actually ranked.

If you’re adding just a little bit of common sense and you’re using the search suggestions that’s been our most reliable way to find keywords.

If you want to save your time you can hire human brains to do niche keyword research for you

Easy to rank keyword research, SEO audit, on-page settings

Search Engine Friendly Website Development 

you can actually do a niche site consultation with us which is pretty cool 😎 I

We can find if your targeted niche going to be a successful one or not and people make mistakes all the time. We’re able to save them years of work because the idea just wasn’t quite there for the website.

viddyoze 3.0 honest review 2

Viddyoze 3.0 and template club review after using one long year

Welcome to Viddyoze 3.0 review which will be based on my personal experience throughout one year.

Honest Viddyoze Template club 3.0 review

Many of you may already know about Viddyoze.  It is a cloud-based 3D animation template collection. Where you can just put your logo, images, texts, slogans and instantly get amazing 3D animated videos in HD. It allows you to create 3D animated video elements, such as Intros, Outros, Segways, Social Actions, Call To Actions and more. It has a monthly membership basis template club where amazing new templates are added regularly.

Viddyoze 3.0 Review

Viddyoze 3.0 Review


I’m using Viddyoze commercial for a year now with template club membership. Created some awesome videos for my own business and for my clients without any kind of animation knowledge. I don’t even open “After Effects” once before start using Viddyoze. My clients are very happy with video quality, most of them become my regular customers 😀

If you have a business or running an organization, you definitely have a logo & today you must animate your logo, banner, images. Putting your logo on amazing live-action videos will add great value to your branding. Also, you definitely need animated intros, outros, social actions for youtube or other social pages.d r Using Viddyoze you can create these high-quality 3D animation videos without any animation skill or hiring any animator. You can even you use Viddyoze commercially to provide top quality animated videos to your clients.

viddyoze 3.0 honest review 2

viddyoze 3.0 coupon


It has various categories like logo, intro, outro, live action, alpha, title, social call to action etc. In version 3.0 some new features added like you can search templates by filtering duration, customization option, user ratings. You can add your logo/images, text, custom colors. They are adding more and more templates frequently to the template club. You can create high-quality advertisement video with live action templates. 

There are many niche template to choose from. You will find real estate, plumber, flower shop, sports, birthday, restaurant, online store, gym, movie style, technology. I think it’s worth every penny.

viddyoze 3.0 bonus


  • You’ll have privileged access to innovative new templates, designed by real designers, shot with real models, performed by real actors, and handpicked by professional marketers to perform 100% of the time.
  • Plus, it’s not just about exclusivity (although that’s nice!) it’s about variety.
  • And many more…

viddyoze template club review 2

Get Viddyoze Commercial with All My Custom Bonuses

Become Viddyoze Template Club Member Here

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Modern Video Marketing

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With the demand for video marketing on the increase year on year, you can really cash in on this trend with this brand new high quality eBook called Modern Video Marketing. The eBook shares the ins and outs of successful online video marketing and is a “must have” for those that want to achieve success with videos.

A lot of video marketers use the wrong types of videos on social media. When the reader uses social media to market their videos they want people to follow their brand. This will not happen if article to video techniques are employed.

The reader must avoid creating videos that are a word for word copy of a blog post. The aim is to enhance the written content. The reader must provide additional value in the videos as a reward for people that engage with their content. It is important that the audience becomes invested in the content posted.

This guide is packed with the most up to date information on successful video marketing and provides the reader with clear instructions on how to win the video marketing game.

Facebook Chatbot Secrets

A step-by-step walkthrough showing you how to build highly engaging and effective chatbots that answer questions, provide value, and sell your products or services.  

Getting a Free Domain Method

This has no sales page. This is my own invented method. I registered successfully a few domains for free. So want to share this self-written method with my dear buyers  😎

Get Viddyoze Commercial with All My Custom Bonuses

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Get Free Animated Logo, Intro, Outro, Video, Images, Article

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