Top 5 hosting reviews

Top 5 hosting with site security, fast speed and free SSL


You know that we have to have fast web hosting even a split second difference between a user clicking and coming to your offer can make a big difference.

A2hosting plans comes with free SSD storage,
impressive speeds, uptime guarantee and lot more.

A2hosting Pricing

Let’s  jump into the type of plans that they have at a2hosting

The shared, reseller, VPS  and dedicated hosting plan

a2hosting pricing
a2hosting pricing

If you are just starting off a blog for the first time when you really just need enough space you’re probably gonna go with the shared hosting.  The shared hosting is normally about $7.99 a month but with the discount, at 51% you can get it starting at $3.92 a month which is very affordable.

Shared hosting is broken up into three main services.  We have the Lite service which is $3.92 the Swift service which is the one that we tested and the turbo service.

What is Turbo?

 The lite and the Swift basically have the exact same specifications but what turbo has what’s called the extra turbo bump which really up to 20 times faster.

We were able to test this with other people who have used the turbo, and they can definitely attest to the speed and how quickly they’re able to load their sites with it. So, it’s is worth the money.

a2hosting review 1
a2hosting review 1


  • With the lite plan, you get one website, five databases, unlimited storage, unlimited first cPanel access free SSL, SSD and anytime money-back guarantee.
  • A lot of different hosting plans do not allow you to get to the cPanel, but with a2hosting they do let you do that. 
  • You will be able to run other types of things alongside your websites like cron jobs or any different kinds of services.
  • Another big deal is the free SSL . The way Google has been over the last few months or almost a year now is if your website does not have an SSL certificate it can fall in the rankings so having an SSL is a huge deal especially when you go inform SEO with your WordPress blog.
  • Turbo plan has everything that the Swift plan has, but it also has that turbo 20 times boost of speed. We have talked to other people who have used it, and they can attest to how good the speed is with the price.
a2hosting review 2
a2hosting review 2
a2hosting review 3


• Sometimes the support just doesn’t treat the tickets, and no news, but it’s very rare (less than 5% of my tickets)

• No PHP caching on shared servers (cache, etc…)

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top 5 hosting providers
top 5 hosting providers


This site which you are on right now is currently hosted on Siteground. So you can check our site’s loading speed and other things as well.

SiteGround com is a pretty well-known web hosting service. We will go ahead and jump right into their web hosting pricing.

Siteground Pricing

You can see they offer three big plans. They offer the StartUp,  GrowBig and the GoGeek

siteground pricing

As you can see StartUp is $3.95 per month and you received one website, 10 gigabytes of web space, suitable for 10,000 viewers monthly. Next is GrowBig which is $5.95. You get multiple websites, 20 GB of web space, suitable for 25,000 viewers monthly. Then the GoGeek one is 11.95. you get multiple websites 30 GB of web space suitable for 100,000 viewers monthly.

They are also providing cloud hosting service which is supposedly the fastest. You  get ultra-fast 24/7 VIP support as well as auto scalable on what they have right here

siteground cloud hosting
siteground cloud hosting pricing


  • Essential WordPress Features are almost 100% uptime, 24/7 customer service, 30-day money-back all daily backups.
  • You get a cPanel and get unlimited emails.
  • You also get completely free SSL certification(check our site’s SSL).
  • Offers SSH access with all of their plans.
  • SiteGround offers a Cloudflare CDN for all shared hosting plans. If you are hosting more than one website, you can use this for all of them.
  • Maximum security.  Almost impossible to hack.
  • The Premium features are free PCI, co-pilots pre-installed GIT and staging advanced hardware and fewer accounts on the server.
  • GrowBig and GoGeek plans offer SuperCacher — SiteGround’s own caching system.
  • It’s a speed-booster for your site, as well as an important security feature.
  • One-click staging servers for your WordPress and Joomla sites.

I can tell you that from experience they have swift cloud servers it makes for very fast website speeds, and you’re going to get excellent protection on your website as well as web hosting to integrate or WordPress integration and Joomla integration as well.

siteground review 1
siteground review 1
siteground review 2

siteground review 2
siteground review 3
siteground review 3
siteground review yoast
Siteground review by Yoast SEO


  • Sitegorund does not offer you a lot of web space. (but I think if they can maintain the server well reducing area then it’s good for us.) so it is a downside.
  • You can not pay the monthly bill on Siteground basic hosting or WordPress hosting packages. You can pay monthly for your cloud
  • hosting and dedicated server, though.
siteground review 5
Siteground review 5

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Web Hosting

Liquid Web

The company was founded in 1997 has over two decades of experience the websites ranked about 17,000 and Alexa making it pretty popular.

Liquid web offers a few different solutions they offer WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, VPS and then they also offer some compliance solutions.

 If you’re a bigger company or financial institution they offer HIPAA or PCI

Liquid Web pricing

A few things that make Liquid Web stick out compared to other companies is they will ultimately help you. There is a lot of good solutions like DigitalOcean, AWS, and other companies. However,  these companies don’t have that that accommodation level that liquid web gives you. They will help you from 0 to 100 start to finish whatever you want to call it.

Liquid Web Pricing

They are expansive in comparison to their competitors but never compromised with the service quality.

Liquid Web pricing
Liquid Web Pricing
Liquid Web Managed WooCommerce pricing
Liquid Web Managed WooCommerce Packages

Cloud dedicated one $59, cloud VPS hosting $60 not bad at all. They do have this new managed WooCommerce hosting which seems interesting. It’s $39 their cheapest plan and then they have cloud sites on $50 as well. So, they are among the most expensive hosting company on this list.

Liquid Web host some very big companies like Ferrari, Home Depot, FedEx,  big Motorola.

 So, I would recommend them to somebody who has a serious business and needs uptime guaranteed like a financial product or a health care product something of that nature you definitely want liquid web or anything that is just business critical if you’re just a start-up entrepreneur Sitegorund or a2hosting may be a better pick for you.


  • The average load speed is around 3.3 seconds. Their server response time is very good.
  • Great support. They will help you from 0 to 100 start to finish whatever you want to call it.
  • They’ll help migrate your site and they’ll help make everything secure a few other things that are very important why a lot of big companies choose liquid web is they offer phone and chat support within minutes.  
  • A 100% uptime guarantee.
  • 100% power-on guarantee.
  • They get back to you on the help desk within 30 minutes and they will also fix any hardware issues within 30 minutes guaranteed which is very very impressive compared to most companies.
  • Every single site comes with its own free SSL certificate without any additional cost. No configuration, no hassle.
liquid web features
Liquid Web Features
liquid web review 1
Liquid Web review 1
liquid web review 2
Liquid Web review 2
liquid web review 3
Liquid Web review 3
liquid web review 4
Liquid Web review 4


  • They  are among the most expensive hosting company on this list.
  • May be not for a startup, or simple bloggers.

I would recommend them to somebody who has a serious business and needs uptime guaranteed like a financial product or a health care product something of that nature you definitely want liquid web.

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I was was very impressed with GreenGeeks commitment to environmentalism. They don’t just offset their energy with credits, they offset three times as much.  energy as they use.

GreenGeeks is an EPA Green Power Partner that delivers natural operations with no compromise of performance and quality. Indeed, high technology performance is GreenGeek’s core focus.

greengeeks features
GreenGeeks features

GreenGeeks Pricing

Let’s talk about their pricing

greengeeks pricing
GreenGeeks Pricing

As you can see they are among some of the cheapest plans.  If you want to host unlimited sites for a year you’re gonna pay $6.95 cents per month!!


  • Truly stands out with GreenGeeks 300% renewable energy commitment.
  • Average load speed around 2.4 seconds!
  • Comes with free SSL’s
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • You get free domains as well
  • They have 24-hour customer  support
  • Offer VPS cloud, shared and dedicated hosting
  • They also offer 30-day money-back
greengeeks features 2
GreenGeeks Features 2
greengeeks review 1
GreenGeeks Review 1
greengeeks review 2
GreenGeeks Review 2
greengeeks review 3
GreenGeeks Review 3
greengeeks review 4
greengeeks review 4


I hardly found anything negative about GreenGeeks. There are certainly a few negative feedbacks but most of them are from 2012 or earlier. Their pricing to service also customers reviews are too perfect which is too good to be true. If you guys have any complaint about GreenGeeks please comment below.

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Get GreenGeeks hosting from here

So, we covered 4 hosting providers till now. I have another in mind. What do you guys say? Which should be the fifth one, which one deserves to be in the top 5 hosting providers list. Comment your choice below

Top Free and Paid Traffic Sources. Time Vs. Money

Free Traffic Sources

Get traffic to your website in 2019

I don’t even know if I’m going to name 10 traffic sources. I actually just take the title because I want to rank the post for the title. Wanted to add numbers to increase my Click Through Rate(CTR), So, that’s already the first kind of lesson you get today. That’s how you do it you got to rank your articles.

I  think  I will probably gather around 7 or 8 or even  10 free traffic sources that you can use in order to get traffic and by the way I noticed that there are some guys bash free traffic sources. They actually say things like if you don’t know how to run ads on Google Adwords or Facebook. If you don’t have a paid advertising strategy yet, they visually say things like get a real life, job and make money there and which is complete bullshit because I don’t know anyone in the online marketing industry who just started out by starting with paid advertising methods. All the people I met online or offline, who make six figures or even millions of dollars they started retreat free traffic like SEO or any other kind of stuff.

First Source

So,  first method I want to show you is in my opinion probably the best way to generate free traffic for your site almost instantly is YouTube SEO.

That is  something different than Google SEO. Google takes a shitload of time if you have a new website and also depending on your competition competition of the keyword and stuff it really takes a long time to rank your site for a specific keyword.

YouTube SEO can be free, you can create a bunch of videos and rank them for low competition keywords. for example you use launch jacking and stuff ranking for keywords for products that haven’t even been released yet and being an affiliate. We call that stuff YouTube speed ranking and we do it every single day guys.

top free traffic sources
top free traffic sources

Second Free Source

the second thing in my mind where you can drive traffic really fast depending a little bit on your niche though but it’s Twitter.

Twitter still has awesome functions like you can actually search for specific keywords or hashtags and stuff and then you can get in touch live and life time with people actually tweeted about this.  let’s say you have offered consulting or you offer a fitness product. Search for someone who asked a question about this topic then you reply to people. You literally have to go out there and reply to hundreds of people every single day

There is nothing really like actual free traffic because we have to trade your time


free vs paid traffic
free vs paid traffic

Third Source

The third way of my list is Facebook group posting.  You simply go to Facebook groups who are in your niche related Facebook groups. Join them then don’t want to spam like all the other idiots are doing it. Go in there to provide massive value.  Join 10 groups, you go in these 10 groups everysingle day you see if someone has a question or something and you go in thereand you just answer the question. Then you can sometimes put your own link toyour site in there.

Read our article about 5 ways to get traffic without  SEO or SMM

Fourth Source

Next is Instagram

is kind of like the same thing as Twitter, just Instagram is way harder right now. The chances that you make money using Instagram are way higher.  you go to in your niche, follow targeted people, engage with them.

Let’s say you follow 300 people a day, 10% follow back or check out your profile check out your link in your bio and stuff and you already have 100 people a day who check out your stuff. No money paid nothing, no paid advertising nothing want her percent for free.

Fifth Source

Instagram thyroid messaging is another method

You can easily go out there and really get in touch with asmany people as possible every single day and go Instagram direct method engagewith people and then just link them to your site after conversation has ended.  You can’t post an actual link but you can sayclick a link in my bio if you want to learn more.

Okay,  so we have five methods already

Next,  figment on Reddit

You  need an older Reddit account thats some karma and some ratings and things. Hire a guy who has the account to post for you in related subreddit. You just post there and then you buy some upvotes, build up your post and that’s how you get traffic. I know people get down to preserves every single day just by doing that.

Seventh Free Source

Seventh one is forums

whatever niche you’re in there’s always a forum aroundit.

If you’re in the fitness niche asa fitness forum. if you’re a photographerthere’s a photography photography forum tons of them depending on the

You just want to make an account there and want to provide as much value as possible in most forums they have a signature space right so where you can put your own links in the signatures. Forums writing it’s great, the results are awesome.

We will talk about giant free traffic sources like Pinterest, Quora on Traffic Sources part 2

Paid Traffic Sources

We will talk industry leading paid traffic sources like Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing ads, Outbrain in Traffic Sources part 2 or may be part 3.

Here in this post lets talk about some untapped yet effective paid traffic sources

The First traffic source is actually a free source that you can sign up for but you have to purchase solo add-on package.

It is udimi solo ads

review on Udimi from a user
review on Udimi

 It’s  free to sign up and  you go and look for solo ad deals.They sell them by per click and things of that nature. So, if your budget is$50  you can go and look at different solo ad vendors and the higher per click will cost more but we will get better results.It’s another way to start building your list.

Get $5 discount registering Udimi with this link

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

My number two traffic source is FutureAdPro

is a revenue sharing traffic exchange that I’ve been
watching for about seven months now. I signed up for free I’ve been watching
some of the leaders that just recently went in there.

You can buy a credit pack on which will put your information
in front of buyers people that’s looking for something to generate money online.
It’s great for affiliate offers on MLM, proper health things like that.  I’m being very transparent to show you. If you
need more  information about future ad
pro please click on a link.

Our Third traffic source

that I love to use is LeasedAdSpace

It is actually a solo ad that you could get for a limited
amount of time to the end or duration of this program no matter how big this
database grows.  For $9.97 one time
you’ll receive a 8000 banner ad impressions 4,000 impressions for your text ads
and one solo ad every 28 days. As the database grows your reach grows! it’s a
great way to promote your offers. The database is still growing. Once we reset
it it was 1200 now it was on 1700 members in our reach.  So, my suggestion to you is to if you’re looking
to get started with soloads this is a great beginners course.

Next one

here that I would use is called MLM traffic center. Traffic is 95% tier 1 tier countries USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand. Basically English speaking countries with the most buying power. That’s what you, your Tier 1 to be as high as possible anything above 85%. The prices here 63 cents per 100 clicks. The more you buy obviously the less is going to cost per click. These are really good prices it’s really good traffic.

hire social media manager

How to hire social media manager, grow business while you sleep

Should you hire a social media manager

Why should I hire a social media marketing manager or consultant?

Well to that I say number one, social media marketing is quickly replacing traditional marketing methods such as you know billboards, television, radio advertising, yellow pages. So, it’s a very important method of marketing but it’s something that is somewhat new and with any cutting-edge technology you’re not going to have a vast number of people out there who understand it.

social media manager job

social media manager job

When I started my business there are not  many solutions. Many places to go if you need help with your social media marketing. In your online presence you only have a couple options. So, you can either try to hire an agency to come and take photos for you. Maybe develop an advertising campaign do some media buys build some content take videos. That is really expensive. You can try to do it yourself though. One of the problems that we had with that or one of the problems that I had with that it’s very hard to run your business and do your social media at same time.

You’re always kind of behind the eight ball. What I mean what does Confucius say “A man who chases two rabbits ends up with none”. Basically it’s very hard to to run your business and be a marketer.  Just like It’s very hard to own a restaurant and be a good social media marketer at the same time.

Your other option is to try to sub out some of the work to people that are already in your organization. Even if you don’t have a full-time marketer you might have somebody that is really good on Instagram, post photos and write some copy. If you want to get an actual return on your investment you need a broader strategy. Your online presence needs to constantly communicate back to the tonality of your all your other marketing efforts.

It’s very hard for somebody to do that people that are very good at developing social media funnels.  Good at taking photos, writing copy, posting and engaging. To do it correctly you want to have somebody be a project manager of that has experience generating sales and leads through online platforms. A lot of small businesses don’t have the resources or the knowledge to really pull that off.

Basically, the art of marketing is getting your message in your product in front of the people that are ready and willing to buy.  If you’re doing that you’re winning. You don’t have to be Joe cool in order to have a strong social media presence.

hire social media manager

hire social media manager

When to Hire social media manager

A lot of business owners find themselves in a spot where they don’t really know when it’s the right time to outsource or delegate these social media tasks. So, I want to give you five reasons or five signs you can see that tell you that it’s time to hire a social media manager whether in-house or outsource a firm like ourselves.

Time Factor

Number one, you just don’t have the time to do it.  What I mean is social media takes consistency and daily posting. Replying back to comments, retweeting other articles of interest, sharing other people’s content and so. If you have the time to do it a couple of times a month and most savvy business owners know that is not enough time to be able to do it effectively and actually achieve results. So, if you don’t have enough time to do it there would be a reason to hire someone to do it for you.

Spend your time on what you are interested about

Number two, is simply you don’t like doing it there’s a lot of business owners out there to understand the value of having an online presence in a social media presence they just don’t like to do it. They don’t like to get on Facebook or twitter or these other platforms. They would much rather be doing what they do best which is their craft and their business.

Always need to be alert for updates

Number three, is it kind of falls in line with number one. You can’t keep up with all of the changes the first part of my day consists of going and looking at blogs. Looking at articles in researching what has changed what changed with Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest all these different platforms. If you’ve ever been on Facebook for two seconds you understand that the time that it took me to make this post something has already changed with Facebook.  So, you may get into a rhythm of posting. If you don’t keep up with the changes then you’re going to be left behind.

You do what you do best

number four, you find that “yes” you do have the time but you’re better served in your particular business to have your time allocated somewhere else.  Take for instance a dentist may have the time to get a side and do a social media update. They’re better served working with patients working with their staff or furthering their education as well

Let the expert do it for you

number five, the last sign that it may be time to hire social media expert is you want an expert to handle it. I’ll give you an example. I do not do anything with my cars I barely know how to put gas in it. I barely know how to jump. So. I take it to an expert to have my old change have it worked on. I’m sure I can go somewhere and find one of these online tax services.  Have a great CPA that does my taxes my accounting all those kinds of things. I want to expert handling those types of things.  So, that be another reason to outsource.

pinterest management

Pinterest management

What a Social Media Manager should do

Lets talk about the checklist of what a social media manager should do daily, weekly and monthly. Some of it was good some of it

Handle Negative Feedback

The number one thing that you should do is go into your social media profiles and look for mentions look for people that are talking about us or talking about our brand if it’s negative damage-control do it quick. If it’s not you want to just reply back to those people and acknowledge that there’s someone on that channel listening to them.

Start Engaging

Then the second thing is we want to go out and create conversations with advocates. Someone who has shared a link to your brand that you’re representing they went out and shared a link why not reply to them on Twitter and just say thanks.  Maybe someone just followed you on Twitter, reply back to them. Ask them a question about their profile and start engaging with them.  Someone mentions you I reply back, someone follows me or likes my page I engage with them. I ask them a question and open any question that they can reply to. To start building a conversation with them and doing the same thing for customers. We also know posting stuff to social media is a lot of work and a big deal.

hire social media specialist

hire social media specialist


The Facebook Page Trick

Another trick I’ve been using that works great is to find popular Facebook pages in their market and Facebook will tell you the most popular posts they did in that week.  If you take a post from someone and this post already had a thousand shares that’s the kind of thing you want to post for them. So, you want to take the best content that people have already liked and shared and go find that stuff.

You want to keep their channel full and keep posting to it their tools to do that. One of them is called buffer app just finding good stuff to post to their channel. It’s called content curation it’s going to be a big part of your job but the good news is, once you’re good at it, it doesn’t take very long to do it all. You can do it like in an hour and cue up a whole week’s worth of stuff for people. It’s kind of a ninja trick, provides a lot of value on the other end. So, posting content is another big piece of what you’re going to do.

The third and last thing about on a daily basis is writing blog posts so that would be a pretty big job for a social media manager.

So, the three things a social media manager is going to do

break down to damage control,

engaging with outliers people,

and then the third thing is curating good content. To post on these people site sort of channels active and then the last one if you want to do it is creating your own content.

That’s the kind of work that’s involved not rocket science. Does involve some creativity, does involve some outreach but it could be a really fun job.

Advanced Social Media Management, Grow followers. Grow business

wordpress google ranking

WordPress and Google ranking are made for each other

Why we only use WordPress for SEO

Is Google Ranking easy with WordPress?

I want to start by actually introducing a word called “content management system” which is basically if you read up here you can type it into Google. Basically a CMS is is where you can build a website and manage digital content.

For example, there’s a bunch of different types of CMS’s in the world as Drupal, Weebly, Magento, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace and WordPress all these different types of ones. Which one should you actually use to rank a website within Google? If you have a website the goal should be to get traffic. If you’re not getting traffic you are likely not getting sales.

top CMS platforms

top CMS platforms

Let’s talk about is WordPress the best site for SEO? To be honest YES, I think it is and actually if you google search, it actually has suggested searches as well. That means people do often put this into Google. You may be wondering why would people type this into Google?

is wordpress good for seo

is wordpress good for seo

Well, for the fact that WordPress simply hands down makes it the easiest to rank a website with SEO. WordPress alone isn’t going to help you rank in Google.

It’s just a tool.

But the good news is that WordPress makes it dead simple to implement search engine optimization best practices. So, even if you’re a complete beginner, you can optimize your website for higher Google rankings easily.

WordPress developed quite a bit over time where you can now create all sorts of websites from e-commerce to forums to essentially whatever you want.

Further than that if you’re growing an agency and you don’t want to have multiple specialties this is primarily the reason why I use WordPress for SEO.

I want to know one platform and scale that knowledge right if you’re taking on clients that have Joomla, if you’re taking on clients to have Wix, squarespace, HubSpot, Magento… it’s likely that you are not going to be able to scale. You’re gonna have so many problems working on that website because you’re not used to it.

When I was starting out my SEO journey what I did was I took a website. Went in and I just started learning WordPress down to the bone. I started watching one-hour tutorials. Started buying courses, udemy courses, paying for coaching just to ensure that I understand how to manage a WordPress site properly.

This is actually what I did. By most people I started taking on clients that had Joomla, Squarespace all this other stuff and it never panned out.

I started to sign on Squarespace moved it over to Joomla and now we are moving forward with WordPress.  When you start a site with something that you’re really not comfortable about it takes away a few different things.

It takes away your time and your deliverability. You want to make sure you’re delivering these websites these updates really quickly.  It’s just best to stick with something that right the other major proponent for me is I’m really not that tech-savvy, WordPress just makes it really easy to play around and to optimize SEO content.

WP Plugins Magic:

Using WordPress as a tool to make traditional SEO techniques and strategies easier to implement and technically sound.

yoast seo dots

Yoast SEO dots

For example, I know this is such a small thing but I love using Yoast SEO. I don’t know if Yoast is smart enough to actually know that these little red lights and the little green lights make me feel better about my work. I just like knowing that I can change the title the Meta Description everything really quickly within WordPress.

You can get a ton of plugins that are extremely helpful for your website like the “WP Rocket”. We using this in this site too. with WP rocket you could just make it much easier to rank a website within WordPress. It will help you load your site faster. For example, if this page if I wanted to do like a focus keyword oh I don’t know how that happened but using WordPress using plugins, using all this other stuffs. It just makes my life a lot easier and I probably wouldn’t trade it for the world. I mean I would keep WordPress that’s for my clients and I started making this rule not too long ago within my agency because I was taking on customers way too many. They all had different websites it was just a mess and yeah you can figure it out.

WP Rocket review

WP Rocket review

I’m not saying WordPress is the only option for you to use when building a website just for SEO.  What I am saying it is just going to rank much easier because you’re gonna have much more functionality using WordPress.

So let’s get to it.

Some Important WordPress Settings:

Before we get into the WordPress interface, I just want to make a quick note on theme selection. There are a ton of free and premium templates you can get, so here are two things that you should look for.

First, the theme should be mobile responsive. This is important because as Google said, mobile-friendly content may perform better for those who are searching on mobile.

Second, you should avoid themes that are bloated with plugins or third-party scripts that you really don’t need.

So, read through the theme descriptions to see what’s included and you could also run the theme demo URL through page speed tools like Google’s PageSpeed insights, Pingdom or GTmetrix.

Let’s move on to some important WordPress settings.

First, we need to decide whether we want to use just or The reason for this is because Google will look at these two pages separately.

The good thing about WordPress is that it’ll automatically redirect the other version to the one that you choose. So, if you have a new website, then it doesn’t really matter which one you select. But if you’ve ever used both protocols, or you have an issue like this website, where you can access the same page from different URLs then you’ll want to see which version has more backlinks pointing at it.

Next, we want to make sure our permalinks are set up optimally. So, click on “permalinks” under “settings” in the sidebar. You can see from the previews that permalinks are basically just the URLs for your posts and pages.

The one that I prefer using is “post name” and that’s for two reasons.

#1. People can look at your URL and know immediately what it’s about.

So, take a look at these links from our blog and guess what they’re about.

And #2. It keeps the URL short.

In our on-page SEO study, we found that short URLs tend to rank better in Google.

wordpress seo

wordpress seo

Now, it’s important to note that if you already have content using a different permalink structure, then changing it to a different option may cause broken pages, which is a bad thing, particularly if you have backlinks pointing at them.

But if you want to set up your structure this way, then you may need to add redirects, which you can do with a plugin like Redirection.

The other plugin that I highly recommend installing is ofcourse Yoast SEO.

If your site is new, then you can hover over the SEO menu in the sidebar, XML sitemaps.  You’ll want to make sure that this checkbox is checked and that you generate an XML sitemap which you can submit to search engines like Google and Bing.

As a general rule of thumb, you only want to include pages that you want Google to find on your website here. So, I’ve disabled the author sitemap, excluded media pages, as well as tags and format pages.

You can create a new piece of content as a post or a page. By default, posts are used for your blog.  Pages, on the other hand, are more commonly used for static pages that don’t really change often like your About Us page, Contact page, or Services pages.

In terms of SEO, there are 4 main parts here. The title, URL, body of the content, and your meta tags.  In general, the title that you enter here will act as your H1 tag from an on-page SEO standpoint. The main goal of the title is to entice visitors to click through to your article, while accurately describing what the content on the page is about. So you want to create something that’s “click-worthy” not “clickbait.”

The second basic tip is to include your primary keyword phrase in your title.

For example, if we were writing a post on the “best nike running shoes,” then our title might be:

“17 Best Nike Running Shoes For Optimal Performance and Comfort (2018 Guide)”

By default, WordPress will change your URL slug to the full name of the post. We can edit it and change it to our primary keyword target, where dashes would replace the spaces.

Next is the body.

Since, we’re talking specifically about WordPress SEO,  I want to focus on the editor, rather than on-page ranking factors. we have a good post on that, so I’ll link it up here.

You can include H2s, H3s, and other subheadings into your post with the click of a mouse. Using headings helps create a structure, which can help Google better understand your content and also improves readability for your users.

The other two SEO relevant features are hyperlinks and images.

To create a hyperlink,

select the text you want to create a link from,

then click on the link icon and

enter in the URL you want to link to.

The selected text will then act as what we call anchor text. You can click on the gear icon to get more options. I highly recommend selecting the “Open link in a new tab” checkbox, which will do exactly what it says when a visitor clicks the link. This is good for keeping visitors on your site, while still being able to direct them to helpful resources.

And the final feature in here is the “Add Media” button. This is used to insert images into your post. You can just drag and drop your photos in here, and WordPress will upload it to your server.

After it’s done uploading, I highly recommend filling in the “Alt Text.” This is good to add for a few reasons.

First, it adds more context to the page, telling Google what the image is about and it may be helpful for ranking your images in Google Images.

Second, it’s helpful for people who are using screen readers, like the visually impaired.

And third, if your image breaks, then the alternative text will show to replace the broken image.

Creating a page would be the exact same like post, but there’s one main feature difference worth noting. Assuming that you have your permalink structure as the “post name,” both page and post URLs will show up.

But with pages, you can actually create them with different levels, using subfolders.

Let’s say that you are a digital marketing agency using WordPress and you have 5 different services. You do SEO, paid advertising, social media marketing, public relations, and email marketing.

Then what you can do is create a services landing page, where you would talk about the different services you provide and naturally, you’d probably add links to your individual services pages.

Rather than having each service page as, you can nest them under the “services” subfolder.

WordPress is my favorite CMS to use, simply because it makes on-page SEO a cinch, but there’s a lot more you can do with it from a technical SEO standpoint.

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How to rank on google & get 100% organic traffic A-Z

We believe this is a complete post on A to Z of ranking on Google with targeted keywords, getting Onpage SEO done, backinks and finally getting 100% organic traffic.

Only following the steps shown in this blog post should be enough for anyone.

Keyword Research

It’s no secret that keyword research is the most important part of any SEO campaign.

How can you find high volume,  profitable keywords that your competition doesn’t know about. Without needing weeks of research or expensive keyword research software!

Most people start off their keyword research process, they fire up the Google keyword planner. But, believe it or not, the Google keyword planner is one of the last places you want to look for awesome keyword ideas for your business.

The reason I say that is because there’s two huge problems with the Google keyword planner. The first one is that it tends to give you very close variations of the keyword that you put into it. So, for example, if you put the keyword ‘weight loss’ into the planner, it spits out really close variation like ‘weight loss tips’ and ‘weight loss strategies’.

Google keyword tool
Google keyword tool Google keyword tool

It doesnt give you intelligent related keywords like ‘nutrition’ or ‘exercise’ or things like that. The other problem is that it tends to give the same exact keywords to everybody, including your competition. So, in order to find keywords that are profitable and your competition doesn’t know about, you need to step outside of the Google keyword planner and use one of the five strategies that I’m going to outline for you.

Check our blog post for profitable keywords without any paid tools


I admit forums are a little bit old school, but where else can you find a place where your target audience hangs out and has discussions 24/7? So, in order to use forums you want to head over to a forum and look at threads that people have started. Usually when someone starts a thread in a forum, it means that they don’t know the answer to the question, or they’re having a problem that they can’t find a solution to online.  These are the same types of words and phrases that they use when they head over to Google and use Google search.

So, they’re great keywords for you to put into the Google keyword planner to drill down specifics like monthly search volume and cost-per-click.


Next up we have Wikipedia, one of the most underutilized keyword research resources online.

Keyword research with Wikipedia
Keyword research with Wikipedia Keyword research with Wikipedia

Where else can you find topics that are curated by thousands of experts and organized into neat little categories. To use Wikipedia for keyword research, just head over to Wikipedia and enter a broad keyword related to your name. For example, let’s say that you’re a personal trainer, head over to Wikipedia and put in a broad keyword like ‘fitness’. When you look at that Wikipedia entry, take a look at the contents on that page.

Each of the contents are basically see keywords that you can put into the Google keyword planner to see the search volume and also to generate new keyword ideas.


The next strategy is a little bit weird, it’s a way to use Google to find keyword ideas without using the Google keyword planner.

Google keyword suggestions
Google keyword suggestions Google keyword suggestions

So, there’s this little area at the bottom of Google search results that you may not have even noticed, and it’s one of the best places to find new keyword ideas. It’s called “searches related to”. And “searches related to” is basically Google’s way of showing you thematically-related keywords to the keyword that you put in. So, to use “searches related to”, just enter a keyword related to your name- again, if you’re a personal trainer you could put something like ‘fitness’, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at searches related to.

A lot of times, these are keywords that the Google keyword planner will never show you. Sometimes they’re close variations to the keyword put in there, but a lot of times, they’re more like keywords that are related but are something that’s a little but tangentially related, so it’s something that the Google keyword planner would never ever show you.


Amazon is one of my all-time favorite keyword research websites. So you’re probably wondering how do you use Amazon for keyword research. Well, just head over to Amazon, enter a keyword in the book section, and find a popular book in your niche. Then click on “look inside”. And this will show you the table of contents of that book. It’s basically each chapter within the table of contents are great keyword ideas in and of themselves, and they’re also great SEO keywords that you can put into the Google keyword planner to find some close variations.


When you searcdsh for a keyword in Quora, it shows you the most popular questions. Which basically means things that people are interested in; in other words, keywords that people search for in Google. So, just head over to and put in a keyword related to your niche, and you can find questions and answers. You actually want to look at the questions, find keywords that come up again and again, put those into the Google keyword planner.  You can also read the threads themselves to see if there are any followup questions, which are also potentially really great keyword ideas.

Google ranking factors in 2019
Google ranking factors in 2019

Onpage & Content Optimization

These are the same techniques that we have used to rank in Google for keywords like backlinks and SEO tools.

Technique number one,

which is to use super-short URLs. I recently teamed up with a handful of SEO software companies to conduct the largest ranking factor study ever.

In total we analyzed 1,000,000 Google search results and we discovered that short URLs tend to rank better than long URLs.

Fortunately, it’s super-easy to use short URLs on your site. Whenever you publish a new page, make the URL short and sweet.

For example.

In my guide about keyword research my URL is simply

Speaking of URLs, our next technique

is to include your target keyword in your URL.

Again, this is really simple and easy, but it can make a difference in your rankings. When you’re creating your URLs, just make sure to include your target keyword in that URL.

For example, in this post I’m targeting the keyword SEO tools. So, I made the URL short and I also included my target keyword in the URL.

You can check this post to know detail about OnPage URL & Title Optimization

our next technique,

which is to use LSI keywords.

LSI keywords are words and phrases that search engines use to understand what your content is all about.

For example.

Let’s say that you’re writing an article about the Simpsons. How weird would it be if your content didn’t include terms like “Homer”, “Springfield”, and “Mr. Burns”?

LSI keywords
LSI keywords LSI keywords

In the SEO world these closely related terms are called LSI keywords, and when you include these LSI keywords in your article, it helps Google understand

your content’s topic.

So, how do you know which LSI keywords to use?

A simple strategy that I use is to search for your target keyword in Google. Then scroll to the bottom where Google shows you the Searches related to section. The terms in bold here usually make great LSI keywords to sprinkle into your content.

our next tip,

is to publish long content.

Remember that ranking factor study that I mentioned earlier?

Well, we found something very interesting in that study, something that goes against conventional wisdom in the SEO and content marketing world, and that discovery was that longer content tends to outrank shorter content. In fact, we found the average result on Google’s first page was 1,890 words.

So, why does longer content work better?

For one, longer content tends to contain more of those LSI keywords that we talked about earlier. When you write long in-depth content, you naturally include more LSI keywords which makes Google happy.

Also, Google may have an inherent preference for longer content. Google wants to show their user the best result for a given keyword, and if your page provides someone with a comprehensive answer to what that person’s looking for, Google will want to rank you high up on the first page.

For example,

this post about SEO techniques is whopping 3,000 words, and that’s one of the reasons that it ranks in the top three for the keyword SEO techniques.

Okay, let’s dive right in with technique number five,

which is optimizing your title tag for click-through rate.

You probably already know that you should include your target keyword in your title tag. That’s on-page SEO 101. What you may not know is that you should also optimize your title tag for click-through rate.

Why? Because it’s a huge Google ranking factor right now.

In fact, a Google engineer recently gave a presentation where he confirmed that they use CTR as a ranking factor. In other words, if people search for a keyword and click on your result, it sends a strong message to Google that you’re a great result for that search and they’ll likely give you a rankings boost.

So, how can you optimize your title tag for CTR?

Here are two quick tips that work great.

First, include numbers in your title.

There’s a reason that your local magazine rack flashes numbers numbers on every single cover, and that’s because numbers grab attention.

In fact, a study by Conductor found that headlines with numbers get 36% more clicks than headlines without a number.

Another simple way to boost your CTR is to add brackets and parentheses to your title.

When HubSpot recently analyzed 3,000,000 headlines, they discovered that brackets and parentheses boosted CTR by an average of 38%.

We’re already on technique number six,

which is to use external links.

The guys at Reboot Online recently ran an interesting SEO study. They made up a new keyword that had zero search results in Google. Then they created 10 different websites that were optimized around that fake keyword. Five of the websites linked out to other websites and five of the websites had no external links.

What do you think happened?

The five sites that contained external links outranked 100% of the sites without external links. So, it’s clear that Google uses external links as an on-page ranking factor.

The question is: how can you use them on your site?

It’s simple.

Include two to five outbound links to authority resources in every single article.

For example, at our site we generously link out to resources that help our readers out, and these external links make a small but significant difference in my rankings.

Now that you tackled external links,

It’s time for me to show you how to use internal links.

This one is insanely easy. Whenever you publish a new piece of content, make sure to link back to two to five older pages on your site.

But not just any older pages, pages that you want to rank higher.

Now, this may sound like common sense, but I’m always surprise at the amount of people that add 15 internal links to random pages on their site. Sure any internal links are better than none at all, but if you want to get the maximum benefit from your internal links, you need to use them strategically, which means only using

two to five per page and linking only to pages that need a boost.

Our eighth tip is to maximize site speed.

Site speed is one of the few ranking factors that Google has publicly confirmed, and from my own testing I’ve found that a faster site gives you a slight edge.

So, how can you make your site load faster?

First invest in premium hosting.

When it comes to your web host you get what you pay for. Back in the day I’d use cheap $5 a month hosting plans and, needless to say, my site loaded slower than molasses.

Today I use premium hosts like  A2 Hosting and SiteGround. They’re affordable and the boost in speed that these high-end hosts provide make it well worth the investment. We also recommend to try hosting like Fastcomet, Turnkey Internet or premium hosting like Liquid Web. If you could can afford a bit more I would suggest premium hosting like Liquid Web.

The second way to improve your site speed is to use a CDN. CDNs deliver your sites content closer to where a user lives which makes your site load much faster.

With that it’s time for our last tip,

which is include multimedia in your content. You may notice that we use

a ton of screenshots, videos, and charts in our content. All this multimedia makes our content more valuable to the readers.

For example, if your page has a high bounce rate and a low time on site, Google will drop your rankings. On the other hand, if people stick to your content like Super Glue, they’ll want to show your content to more people.

And in my experience using lots of multimedia helps people stay on your site longer.


A quality backlink is a link from a trusted or popular website like magazines, newspapers, local directories, or government website pointing back to your website. If a popular website links to you it automatically makes you popular you are popular by association the more quality backlinks you have the more trustworthy you will look in the eyes of search engines.

Here are the Do’s and Dont’s of link building:


That’s  what we want step number one submit your website to search engines like Google and Bing doing so will allow search engines to know that you exists

step number two submit your website to relevant local and Industry directories. More and more people are looking for services in their local areas the more you do that you will increase your visibility online get more leads and reviews.

Step number three spy on your competitors your competitors are ranking on the first page of Google for a reason we need to find what is working for them and do it better.

Go take your competitors’ URLs, put them in SEMrush.  Check who links to their most popular articles, go take their articles that are informational based.


Ycan try SEMrush for 7 Days, FREE of charge Here!

Create infographics from them.  As you’re creating the infographic with those articles tips, of course you wanna cite them at the bottom of the infographic saying like hey, data and source proved by X, Y and Z site and you put your logo at the bottom.

What you’ll find is you can then head up each and every single of those websites that link to your competitors and ask them for a link. If you do this for all of your competitors’ most popular blog posts, you can do really well and generate a ton of back links and get more rankings

That page on your site that has that infographic, make sure you include a paragraph above it and a paragraph below it.

That is the way you have text on the page, that’s the way Google does rank it and want you want to do is you wanna make sure your infographics are as beautiful as possible.

If they’re ugly, no one’s going to embed it on their site. It has to be simple, the story has to be easy to follow along, it has to be more visual than text base.

As long as you follow that along, you will do well and generate links and start ranking really high and what you’ll notice is your infographic pages may not rank as high as you want, but your whole site will rank higher because you’ve just built up a ton of domain authority.

Step Four: Hire someone who will create great content for your site. Spy on your competitors. Contact authority site owners or managers within your niche who is looking for guest posts, sources, inforgraphics with introduction.

We will cover more on quality backlink building in our next posts. Please subscribe our email newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any post.


Warning don’t be fooled by services offering lots of backlinks for cheap these services might be trying to cheat the system and if you get caught you might be penalized. Specially don’t ever buy backlinks from Fiverr or or similar sites. Those links will hurt your site in big time.

Don’t buy Private Blog Network(PBN) backlinks anymore. Those links will destroy your site.

Here is a detail report on how PBN link will destroy your site.

Don’t follow several forums or YouTube video “how to get high PR, DA, PA backlinks” threads.

The days of using backlinking tool like scarpebox, SEnuke, GSA Search Engine  Ranker or similar tools are gone. Don’t hurt your valuable site. Trust me.

Increase Click Through Rate(CTR) to increase SEO ranking

Well here’s the exact three step process to turn things around.

Step one, find Adwords ads.

two, include words and phrases from Adwords ads in your title and description tag.

three,  get more clicks.

Let’s break down each step in detail.

First, you need to find Adwords ads for your target keyword or, for related keywords.


Adwords advertisers spend thousands of dollars on advertising for one main goal. To get clicks. That means that Adwords ads that you see are often the result of hundreds if not thousands of split tests. In other words, when you see an Adwords ad in Google, you know that it’s optimized to maximize clicks. In my case, I noticed that most of the Adwords ads for the keyword list building used the words “email list” or “email lists”.

I also noticed that these same Adwords ads used terms like build, grown and boost.

Once I got an idea of which words and phrases tended to show up in Adwords ads, I moved on to step number two. Which is to add these words and phrases to your title and description tag or meta description.

In my case, I made sure to add the term email list to my description tag. This was one phrase that almost all of the ads used. So. it made sense for me to use it too.

Next, based on the other ads that I saw, I made sure to include the word “build” in my description tag.

Once you’ve added these words and phrases to your title and description tag, you should find yourself with more clicks and more organic traffic from Google.

A little bonus tactic that you can use

To improve your click through rate. This technique works great if the Adwords ads that you found didn’t generate anything useful.

This tactic is using what are known as power words. It’s really simple.

All you need to do is add these words and phrases to your Google result. These words have been proven over and over again to attract clicks.


Because all these words and phrases emphasize fast results. The fact is when someone scans Google’s first page, they’re impatient.

They want to read the content that’s gonna help them right now. When you add these words to your title and description tag, you’ll be the result they wanna click on.