Daily available niche brandable domains EMDs

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In this post, we are going post daily updates on available to register domains. Brandable, may be dropped or never registered.

If you looking for niche low competition keywords have a look here.

February 1, 2020

  • QuicklyPlay.com
  • MajorTesting.com
  • RackVenture.com
  • WithPin.com
  • RideGift.com

February 2, 2020

  • SquireOne.com
  • StickSpot.com
  • KidsHealth.club
  • RefreshDrive.com
  • YouPinch.com

February 3, 2020

  • OneElk.com
  • LockControls.com
  • SharperMe.com
  • AwningForSale.com
  • LatinoSupply.com

February 5, 2020

  • xuxek.com
  • BladeFuses.com
  • SavageDepot.com
  • jolomu.com
  • SteelDolly.com

February 6, 2020

  • PreDirectory.com
  • CloudDownline.com
  • WhatDoGuysThink.com
  • MiniReminders.com
  • VowBow.com

February 7, 2020

  • ItalyAgents.com
  • SomethingCooler.com
  • FortMont.com
  • CommandoBase.com
  • CacaoNetwork.com

February 8, 2020

  • ShedYourDebt.com
  • HairRenovator.com
  • amitomo.com
  • LiveTourVideo.com
  • devolare.com

February 9, 2020

  • veronu.com
  • TagRoot.com
  • ProfoundWay.com
  • BrewFill.com
  • papypervers.com
  • SeeAllCars.com

February 11, 2020

  • TarpAi.com
  • MetricUnion.com
  • RoseBlends.com
  • ShootClass.com

February 12, 2020

  • CannedBot.com
  • AeonCrop.com
  • ConceptEuropa.com
  • SkydiveSantafe.com
  • HeadshotOne.com

February 13, 2020

  • rewises.com
  • TagPlant.com
  • CoinedSafe.com
  • ClownGuide.com
  • trackmpg.com

February 14, 2020

  • MyCodeAcademy.com
  • CannaToffee.com
  • AluminumSafe.com
  • PreGuides.com
  • GuideZap.com
  • ExpoPalma.com

February 15, 2020

  • ImminentCare.com
  • DoCeramics.com
  • yopainter.com
  • Goriest.com
  • LickItOff.com
  • NightRoutine.com

February 17, 2020

  • RosinRock.com
  • EasyBreakup.com
  • GammaVault.com
  • InsomniaTherapist.com
  • FastPropane.com
  • frutitec.com

February 18, 2020

  • ExploreCast.com
  • BuddhaToday.com
  • DualTree.com
  • corporatium.com
  • BotRates.com
  • TrainerSpecialist.com

February 20, 2020

  • OpenCensor.com
  • HackerChallenges.com
  • DonateAssets.com
  • DecalCut.com
  • RenderField.com
  • EarnDinero.com
  • ElixirPool.com
  • dnbooth.com

February 21, 2020

  • ChildrenPsychiatrist.com
  • AutomateBookkeeping.com
  • LanaiFurniture.com
  • InsuranceFine.com
  • CanadaHealthy.com
  • SelectTailor.com
  • ShiftCovered.com
  • ScratchAndDents.com

February 22, 2020

  • GoBossa.com
  • VrPackage.com
  • SmileVerse.com
  • regataclub.com
  • ListRange.com
  • NiceTomato.com
  • TradeToGain.com
  • TackPacks.com

February 24, 2020

  • CannaPound.com
  • CreateBadge.com
  • RoomVentilation.com
  • DeadScape.com
  • CineProductor.com
  • ShieldDate.com
  • vcgalaxy.com
  • WouldYouBe.com

February 25, 2020

  • BrowseChoice.com
  • ItClassified.com
  • infometix.com
  • NeurologyPediatrics.com
  • LightStroller.com
  • ExpertExpats.com
  • ThinkContainers.com

Profitable niche low competition keywords February 2020

Hello, In this post we will provide we researched profitable niche low competition keywords + current trends.

An informative keyword-optimized blogpost can easily outrank many of these keyword rankers.

If you need any specific niche keywords just share this on social pages and contact us.

February 1, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches
commercial photography brisbane - 70
pay for instagram likes - 720

February 2, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches
knockerball rental near me - 260
agencia de empleo - 5400
scrapbooking retreats in (city name)

February 3, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches
best ping pong paddle for spin - 260
best mattress topper for lower back pain - 390

February 4, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches
new sound hearing aids - 260
buy credit card dumps online - 480

February 5, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value
newspaper print fabric - 260 - $1
wood lounge chairs - 390 - $5
free marketing plan template - 1000 - $5.84

February 6, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
constipated newborn baby - 260 - $1
constipated newborn baby poop
plastic hang tags - 260 - $4.92

February 7, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
Islamic studies for kids - 170 - $1
halal food in (city name)
halal restaurants near me
halal restaurants in (city name)

February 8, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
how much is it to rent a tux - 880 - $1.84
photo booth camera - 1300 - $1.40
wheat free bread recipes 320 - $3

February 8, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
ninja food processor bowl - 260 - $1
home depot metal detector - 390 - $2
best boat bottom paint - 260 - $1

February 10, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
is there gluten free bread - 260 - $1
diy outdoor shower enclosure - 260 - $2

February 11, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
corona meme
coronavirus meme

February 12, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
hunt seat equitation - 480 - $2
create custom dirt bike graphics - 480 - $2
most expensive tires - 480 - $2

February 13, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
over the counter ear drops for pain - 390 - $1
microphone for youtube vlogging
quatrefoil pattern shower curtain (color name)

February 14, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
nuby car seat arm cushion
online javascript editor - 2900 - $8.85

February 15, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
hunt seat equitation - 480 - $2
create custom dirt bike graphics - 480 - $2
most expensive tires - 480 - $2

February 16, 2020

Keywords   -   Searches - Adsense value 
small party venues (city name)
do it yourself car wash near me
how long do cats live indoors

Top Online Marketing Tools Offering Free Trials

Often I have to search for what top online marketing tool offering free trials. So, I thougt, why not put all the top most used digital marketing web tools together in a single webpage.

I hope it will be benefited for all of the online marketers. You can come to this page whenever you need to try a digital marketing tool, register and start a free trial strightaway!

So lets get started!!


Top Sales Funnel Creator & lead Capture Tools

Although these are not only sales funnel builders, they provide many robust solutions but mainly focused on Sales funnel.


With Clickfunnels, it is easy to create a marketing and sales funnel from the ground up. This tool simplifies online marketing, selling, and delivery of their products and services by providing users with funnel options that are pre-built for a specific business, product, or service.

ClickFunnels Testimonials

Read Reviews about Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels offering 14 days free trial! Grab it from here 


leadpages testimonialLeadPages is an online tool that you can use to collect email subscribers. They provide tons of purdy templates that you can use for lead magnets, webinars, and landing pages in order to grow your email list. LeadPages also has templates for things like sales pages — it’s a very robust tool! I literally use it everyday.

Read Reviews about LeadPages

LeadPages offering 14 days free trial! Grab it from here


Unbounce is used by marketing teams and agencies to create landing pages and overlays. A/B testing, drag-and-drop functionality, lead generation, CRM integration, a rich mobile-responsive template gallery and dynamic text replacement are some of the features Unbounce promise.

unbounce testimonials

Read Reviews about Unbounce

Unbounce offering 14 days free trial! Grab it from here


Instapage lets you create a personalized post-click experience in minutes. It’s a better alternative to attract your client. It’s much better than regular advertising. You cn create a fresh landing page effortlessly with Instapage. It has many advanced features such as AMP Landing Pages, Global Blocks, Page Creation & Migration Services, etc.

It is much better at turning clicks into customers.

instapage testimonial

Read Reviews about InstaPage

InstaPage offering 14 days free trial! Grab it from here


Landingi is the end-to-end platform for landing pages without IT and coding skills! Create, publish, optimize your landing pages and run a/b tests by yourself! top landing page creator It shares many of the same features as Instapage and is a totally reasonable alternative. Just note, you will likely need higher tier pricing to accomplish a lot of what the others can.

Read Reviews about Landingi

Landingi offering 14 days free trial! Grab it from here


Landing Page + CRM + Email + More… Top Tools

As you know sales funnel, landing page are the same thing. These tools also offer Customer Relationship Management(CRM) which includes email, social media, webinars and many many more. I am so confused about which category they fit in.


hubspot testimonial

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software used by marketers, designers, and developers across the world. Content management, landing pages, social media scheduling, automatic marketing workflows, CRM, SEO and many more.

Read Reviews about HubSpot

Get the Lifetime Free Package of HubSpot Here


keap testimonial

Keap helps small businesses automate their sales and marketing without growing your staff.  Keap is a fully integrated CRM (Contact Relationship Management System), Marketing & Commerce Solution.

Infusionsoft links your contacts to the right sales funnel automatically giving the right information to the right clients at the right time.

Read Reviews about Keap(formerly Infusionsoft)

Keap offering 14 days free trial! Grab it from here


Bitrix24 packages many features into their free CRM—unlimited contacts and deals, a product catalog, an online store, social media, and live chat, to name a few. For small teams wanting a powerful CRM for communicating with customers and with each other, Bitrix24 makes an excellent choice.

bitrix24 testimonials

One of the most interesting features, however, is the free online store. You can create a professional-looking store without coding, connect it to a payment system, and start selling online in as long as it takes to add products to your site.

Read Reviews about Bitrix24

Get the Lifetime Free Package of Bitrix24 Here

Zoho CRM

The free Zoho CRM features contact and deals management along with workflow automation, portal customization, and a document library. The free SalesIQ integration boosts your sales game with live chat, website visitor history, and lead scoring to help define a contact’s sales-readiness.

Zoho crm testimonial

Perhaps the most feature-rich app is Campaigns, which lets you create email campaigns using the contacts in your CRM. If you want CRM software that will keep up with your growing business, Zoho CRM is a smart choice.

Read Reviews about Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offering 15 days free trial! Grab it from here



Salesforce crm testimonial

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a popular CRM product from the Salesforce stable that includes separate solutions for community cloud, service, marketing, and analytics. The system helps to track all customer interactions and information in a single location and follow up on more leads. You can use features such as partner management, sales data, lead management, and marketing automation to follow these leads and nurture them for conversion.

Read Reviews about Salesforce

Salesforce offering 30 days free trial! Grab it from here



Pipedrive is a web-based Sales CRM and pipeline management solution that enables businesses to plan their sales activities and monitor deals. Built using activity-based selling methodology, Pipedrive streamlines every action involved in converting a potential deal into a successful sale.

pipedrive testimonial

When using Pipedrive, nothing falls through the cracks, allowing your team to spend less time filing and more time selling with CRM that is both agile and powerful.

Read Reviews about Pipedrive

Pipedrive offering 14 days free trial! Grab it from here



freahsales testimonials

Freshsales key features include one-click phone, sales lead tracking, sales management, event tracking and more. Users can also send personalized bulk emails from the solution, and then monitor activities on these emails. The inbox automatically prioritizes emails from contacts and leads that are waiting for a response. The 360 customer view offers full details about customers and prospects, including conversations, touchpoints, appointments, and tasks.

Read Reviews about Freshsales

Freshsales offering 21 days free trial! Grab it from here


Capsule CRM

Capsule offers the traditional storage you would expect for emails, documents, and files in an incredibly easy-to-use format. Add tasks that need to be done for each contact and share them with colleagues, so everyone’s up to speed.

capsule crm testimonial

Capsule CRM is an excellent option for businesses that need highly customizable and flexible contact storage.

Read Reviews about Capsule CRM

Get the Lifetime Free Package of Capsule Here

Top Email Marketing, Autoresponder, Lead Capture, Bulk Email tools

Earlier tools also provide emailing solutions but there is huge difference between CRM and specilized emailing solutions. Hope who are in this field will understand. 



ConvertKit is a robust email marketing platform for professional bloggers, authors, and marketers. It is extremely easy to use and incredibly powerful.

convertkit customer

ConvertKit’s unique feature is that allows you to easily offer content upgrades and incentives with email signup forms. It also comes with easy to manage auto-responders allowing you to send drip emails from their emailing service.

Read Reviews about ConvertKit

Convertkit offering 14 days free trial! Grab it from here



Drip is a powerful email marketing platform for eCommerce, bloggers, and digital marketers. They offer a wide range of tools to make marketing automation, sales funnels, and personalization easy.

drip testimonial

They offer seamless integration for all popular website builders including WordPress and WooCommerce. This allows you to easily add sign up forms to your website and capture more leads.

Read Reviews about Drip

Drip offering 14 days free trial! Grab it from here



GetResponse is another very popular email marketing solution. It is extremely easy to use and simplifies email marketing for small businesses.

getresponse testimonial

GetResponse comes with beautiful responsive forms, landing pages, A/B testing, tracking, and autoresponders. It also integrates with third party lead generation software like OptinMonster, SalesForce, Google Docs, ZenDesk, etc.

Read Reviews about GetResponse

GetResponse offering 30 days free trial! Grab it from here



Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing service providers in the world primarily because they offer a forever free email marketing service plan.

mailchimp testimonial

Mailchimp comes with an easy email builder, autoresponders, segmenting contacts into groups, and simple tracking for analytics. It also allows you to setup delivery times based on user’s timezones, and you can setup segmenting based on geolocation.

Read Reviews about MailChimp

Get the Lifetime Free Package of Mailchimp Here


Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the easiest to use and beginner-friendly email marketing services. You can easily manage your email lists, contacts, email templates, the marketing calendar, and more.

constant contact testimonial

Their Email Plus accounts also come with powerful features like email automation, surveys & polls, coupons, online donations, and subject line A/B testing which helps you send targeted emails to maximize your open rate.

Read Reviews about Constant Contact

Constant Contact offering 60 days free trial! Grab it from here



AWeber is one of the oldest and most popular email marketing service providers in the world. They offer a wide range of tools for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their email marketing.

aweber testimonial

You get access to ready to use email templates, list management, autoresponders, and email tracking with detailed insights. Support options include live chat, phone support, email support, live webinars, and a vast library of how-tos and tutorials.

Read Reviews about AWeber

AWeber offering 30 days free trial! Grab it from here



SendinBlue is extremely easy to use platform with excellent tools to create beautiful and highly engaging emails. Their simple drag and drop tools are perfect for beginners with no experience in email marketing.

sendinblue testimonial

SendinBlue offers a completely free email marketing plan that lets you send up to 300 emails per day, but all your emails will have their branding. Paid plans start from $25 per month. You can also include SMS to your account, but the pricing will vary based on your sending requirements.

Read Reviews about SendInBlue

Get the Lifetime Free Package of SendInBlue Here

Join Quora partner program to earn a good living​

The Quora partners participating in the Quora partner program are paid for asking useful and good questions. Many people are looking to find answers to these questions and you can request answers from related qualified writers. By using this partner program various partners are empowered to ask several useful questions to the Quora website and the Quora writers are well-equipped to write answers to these questions which several people are looking to get answers to. Any person that uses Quora can be requested to join this program.

Languages and countries

If you are not aware, Quora exists in several languages. The Quora partner program was developed for all these languages and their respective countries. The program is available in these languages,

· English
· Italian
· Japanese
· German
· French
· Spanish
· Hindi

Another big challenge while adding more languages for the Quora partners is that the company has to be able to pay the partners legally in various countries. It means they can support only a certain number of countries at the moment. You will get paid if you reside in these countries,

· US
· UK
· Australia
· Japan
· Canada
· Germany
· France
· Spain
· India
· Italy

At the moment if a person in the partner program is a partner in one of the languages he will be a partner in other languages as well. Therefore in case you are multi-lingual, you may want to consider joining additional communities and support them by using your queries. The company is also considering investing in making the task of asking questions easier in several languages at the same time. The program is also launching in more languages and countries.

How do you join the Quora partnership program?

Quora partner program is a system in which people get micropayments for their questions. The program is designed to initiate a constant creation of newer and interesting questions. However, this leads to the creation of many duplicates and trivial questions as people are trying to game the system to make a fast buck.

You can join the program by invitation only. The criteria used by Quora for the selection of the partners to participate in the program are opaque. You are not allowed to know these criteria. In addition to this, you can only participate in the program if you reside in certain countries where there are payments that are possible for Quora.

All you have to do to join the program is to accept the invitation. What you need to do is think of asking some good questions to ask every day and then post them. Don’t worry about the payments. In the beginning, your queries might not earn anything or will earn just a few cents, however, over some time if your queries are of general interest to the large internet population and the answers to these questions might attract viewing, you will find that the earnings will accumulate.

Get an invitation here https://www.quora.com/partners/info

Being a part of the Quora Partner Program

Here is what is involved in being a Quora partner.

1. Asking questions

When the Quora partners add questions to Quora, many times the same question will be added by others as well. If there are more people out there who wish for answers to these questions added by you the more you will earn. The answers to these questions have to be satisfactory for them to be successful.

2. Help the questions to get answers

The Quora partners can ask for answers to various questions from the different qualified writers on Quora. If these requests produce good answers the partner will earn money. All these people will help Quora become useful to others.

3. Payment

The Quora partners will be paid as their queries and requests develop helpful answers which others find either on the Quora website or elsewhere on the net.

Remember, good and useful answers that are helpful to others depend on well-crafted questions and requests. Due to this reason, the Quora partners are helping all the Quora users and millions of people around the world find the necessary information and add to their knowledge.

Applications that are submitted for the program are reviewed daily. The applicants that have asked useful questions earlier on Quora are more likely to gain acceptance. You can read the FAQs that are available on the Quora website for learning more about the program.

Do’s and Donts

You need to be patient with the Quora partnership program after becoming a member. Your questions can earn money up to one year from the date they are posted. There is a need to post many useful questions though to earn big money and most of us will struggle to do so. It is tedious to think of new good questions and sending the 25 A2As for all these questions.

However, there is no need to worry too much if you cannot ask too many questions. It is the appeal for the question and its answer that holds more significance for getting the advertisers. The number of questions you can ask is of lesser significance as more questions might not earn anything. Many times with some luck some queries might go viral and attract many advertisements and this will ensure that you earn good money from it.

When you have decided to start you can learn as you go along. You can read the FAQs and other guidelines placed by Quora on their site regarding this topic here 

Quora Partner Program FAQ

Click on your profile, go to “Partners” and then click on “About the program” for more detailed information. However, you must utilize this program constructively and not spam the forums with meaningless or repetitive questions in the quest for money as some people are doing. You may get reported for this and subsequently, the invitation is withdrawn.


The question on everyone’s mind will be, how to make money by using the Quora partner program? The easiest way of doing it is by becoming a Quora partner. But you need to ask proper questions. Far too many people are misusing the program by spamming. The idea should be to show people about your curiosity and knowledge so that they can hire you.

Rhino Rank Vs. Fat Joe Vs. The Hoth

The link building services are utilized for building links on the websites of others and these links point to your site. Actually, these are digital referrals or also termed as popularity votes for the site and these are many times termed as anchor links or external links. There are many companies out there who offer these services. Some of them are pretty good while others are bad.

Criteria for hiring link building services

There is a need to hire a company for link building because it is hard work. Even if you have hired a proper company or service to do the link building for you, there is some work left for you. However, this company will guide you through the building process. You must make sure that the service you select has the expertise to help you with your link building and internet marketing exercise. This is the reason why we see competition evolving and in this article, we will compare three useful link building services viz. Fat Joe, Rhino Rank, and The Hoth.

You need to hire a service that answers your queries honestly. There is no need to understand everything however you need to feel as if they are honest and sincere. As you will be working with them for a while you must enjoy working with the service. Check out the domain authority of the service at http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/ to ensure that they have a domain or page authority in the excess of 30 or 40. Most companies can provide you 5 to 10 good links every month and if they are offering more take a closer look at them and be aware.

Feature Comparison

1. Rhino Rank: 

Rhino Rank was developed as a white label solution for businesses looking to scale their SEO campaigns affordably. It provides guest posts and curated links for the battle of the SERPs. The Rhino Rank curated links are unique to the niche market and they are useful for diving results even in demanding markets. There is full control provided on the building exercise. You can select the URLs you wish to promote along with the niches and anchor texts. You can decide how aggressively you wish to promote your website.

rhino rank reviews

RR Pros

Rhino Rank generally varies a lot in terms of quality but it is good from the pricing perspective. It is also good at getting links from the websites having a lot of traffic. It is slightly different than Fat Joe in the sense that Fat Joe specializes more in guest posts by writing new content and getting it published while Rhino Rank prefers to get the links inserted in the existing content by working with the webmasters. Rhino Rank uses a manual process for achieving this. They believe that curated links give you better results than guest posts. It is their opinion that Google loves links built into existing content which has authority and trust over a while.

RR Cons

Having said that there are reviews about Rhino Rank which suggest that complained about links leading to spam websites and malicious content and also about links getting deleted.

Try Rhino Rank Out Here

2. Fat Joe

Fat Joe offers a big range of services which mostly cater to SEO consultants and agencies. Along with premium link building services, it offers local citation, press releases, infographic creation, and content writing services. Fat Joe offers its link building services from $60 onwards for a DA 10+ website. DA or Domain Authority is a metric utilized for deciding the authority of a specific domain. Getting links from high DA websites is quite beneficial for your SEO marketing campaign. For the DA 20+ sites, they charge $90 and for DA 30+ their charges are $120. Fat Joe offers a powerful dashboard for managing, tracking, and placing orders by using a single dashboard. It doesn’t matter whether you have one or a hundred clients you will be alright.

FJ Pros

Fat Joe link building service is easy to use and the live dashboard makes you feel more confident. Sometimes they offer more expensive links for a larger order of low-quality links. They are a good overall service and is recommended for those looking to speed up their link building process without having to do it manually.

FJ Cons

There are some complaints about websites going down and being rebuilt later with PBN. Some websites also turn out to be low quality in terms of authority and traffic. Sometimes the links ordered are hidden due to privacy reasons and many times these links failed to impress the client and can result in a loss. But overall they are well recommended.

Try FatJoe Out Here

fat joe reviews

3. The Hoth: 

The Hoth also similar to Fat Joe. It provides a range of services with a natural link building strategy by creating properties on powerful blogging platforms that link back to your website. You will have full control over your anchor text and the links as a result. TH has a team of content writers who create relevant content semantically which is 100% original. They also offer a money-back guarantee like Fat Joe and you will be aware of the time frames involved in receiving the reports. They are quite good with scalability and have an aggregate customer portal for organizing your campaign.

TH Pros

The Hoth also provides links with higher DA than you have ordered many times. Many times the links you have ordered arrive faster than expected. In one case the links were expected in 4 weeks while they arrived in 8 days. They also provide incredibly fast customer support although sometimes you may not get the expected reply. Their websites publish articles that do not link out all the time and so they are more legitimate. And lastly, you will find that these links do help out.

TH Cons

On the flip side, the DA 40 links are not worth the rise in price. Safety in terms of client sites can be an issue.

Try The Hoth Out Here

the hoth reviews


So, should you be using The Hoth or Fat Joe or Rhino Rank? Which one of these three will have the links to aid you in ranking your site? It depends on your target, the niche you are working on, and on the number of links, you will need for beating the competitors.